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MCA is an accredited, independent school. As such, MCA (1) employs teachers that are certified to teach in the province of Alberta, (2) teaches the Alberta Program of Studies, and (3) adheres to provincial legislation and regulations governing independent schools.


Meadows Christian Academy exists to partner with Christian parents to help

students become more like Jesus Christ and reach their academic potential.


  • Christ-like Staff: Students are perceptive. They will learn much from what we teach them explicitly; they will learn more from what we teach them through our actions.

  • Biblical Worldview: The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. We believe that God has spoken, and we endeavor to show students that God’s Word does not just flavor the subjects we teach. His Word is the foundation of the subjects that we teach. 

  • Parental Engagement: Parents are the primary educators and disciplers of their children. Thus, we seek to intentionally engage parents in the education, discipline, and spiritual growth of their children.

  • Heart Focus: Behaviour flows from the heart. With God’s grace, our staff's aim is to seek genuine heart change in our students (and ourselves).  

  • Academic Rigor: Whether learning comes easily or through much pain and hard work, we desire that all students honor God through rigorous academic pursuit. This pursuit looks different from child to child.



In 2005, Meadows Baptist Academy started offering classes from kindergarten to grade nine in what is affectionately known as "the little white building." Now, years later, and with a new name, MCA is still focused on the same thing: helping students grow spiritually and academically.


As an accredited independent school, MCA is governed by the non-profit, independent school board: Meadows Christian Education Society (MCES). The board is made up of parents and supporters of Christian education. MCES is also a registered charity.

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